Top 10 Innovation Infusions: Build a Team Journey Line

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We’ve pulled together 10 tips to help company’s jump start innovation that we would like to share with our colleagues to help as they explore new innovation efforts.  These tips are fun and effective tools that are quick and easy and great way to infuse innovation into your team, whether you are embarking on a larger innovation culture shift or are just getting started.

The next Innovation tip is Building a Team Journey Line.  Taking time to get to know your team is a great way to boost team creativity.  This is one exercise we like to use to accomplish just that!  It is fun to create, generates a few laughs, and gives everyone a different perspective about their teammates.

Want to create a Team Journey Line with your team?

Here are some easy instructions:

Supplies & Set-up: Long roll of butcher paper, tape and colored markers. Cut the butcher paper into 10-12 foot long sheets and tape to wall. Use as much paper as needed for your team size (and as wall space allows!). Allot a 3-5 foot section of paper for each participant. Usually people need about 15-20 minutes to complete their journey line.

Instructions: Using a colored marker, document your personal journey on your paper, starting with childhood through the present. Use pictures, symbols, etc. Try to minimize the use of words. Group or document your past however it works for you, by decade, by groupings (childhood, college years, early career, etc.) – Include both personal and professional milestones.

Here is one example:

journey line


After everyone has completed their journey line, have the entire group stand and go from picture to picture on the wall, with each person giving a 3-5 minute recap of their personal journey. As each person gives their recap, ask questions about things that intrigue you about each other’s journeys.

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Karie Starrett

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