With backgrounds in product development and innovation we get the challenges you face.  We recognize that no two innovation challenges are the same so we look at the unique objectives of your project and outline an approach that works best.  Our approach gives you and your team access to and training on some of the best tools available so that you can be equipped to continue innovating long after our project is completed.


We love to help teams generate new product ideas using creative tools and games in our custom workshops.  We do ideation with internal teams as well as customers creating workshops that are:

  • Customized – Customized to your industry, products, and specific innovation challenges
  • Interactive – We use break out and large group exercises to engage the team
  • Engaging We utilize a broad variety of tools, frameworks and games to inspire creativity and new ideas

We often bring our designers into the room during these workshops to bring the ideas to life through concept sketching and prototyping.

Using Immersion Galleries

In our workshops we immerse teams in customer insights using immersion galleries. Our design team takes the key findings and insights from customer research as well as artifacts such as customer quotes, photos, videos, etc. and uses those to create a gallery of large format wall posters, standing displays, video highlight reels, and other environmental elements. As part of the immersion we create workbooks and activities to help teams engage with the gallery and get in the mindset of the customer.

Concept Development, Prototyping & Testing

Our creative team of strategists and designers help you bring your ideas and concepts to life using concept development and prototyping workshops. Our designers work with you to build a range of prototypes from low fidelity to high fidelity including paper models, storyboards, digital prototypes, etc.
We do a range of concept testing and research to help you test and validate new concepts and iterate around prototypes. Using research, we test the viability of prototypes but also usability and user experience.

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Design Thinking

We love the Design Thinking framework. We do design thinking workshops, training and research. We can also help you design sketches, prototypes and other experiments for customer testing.

Our Toolkit

The Clearworks team has access to a wide variety of industry leading tools that we utilize in our ideation and innovation work. Some of our leading partners and tool providers include:

Gamestorming  dschool  Innovation Games  Training to IMagine Innovating for people mind tools Unstuck


Doodle Revolution


We like doodling for innovation and ideation work. The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently by Sunni Brown is a great way to learn about how to use doodling to unlock your creativity. Read our blog post “In Support of the Doodle” to learn more! 


Clearworks Games

Inspired by some of the books in our toolkit we have created a few of our own games. Click here to check them out and get your free downloads of the games

Innovation Infusions

We are often asked about easy ways to infuse innovation into a company or team so we made a list of our favorites – 10 fun and effective actions you can use along with your current innovation efforts to get your group thinking creatively. Also, check out our innovation blog posts for more ideas.