The company we keep

If we are judged by the company we keep, we couldn’t be more fortunate. Clearworks is pleased to be involved with several remarkable partners. Depending on the project, Clearworks partners with best in class organizations that add a needed dimension to our team. When you are looking for expertise in anything from industrial design to outsourced sales, we invite you to call on our network of exceptional partners.

  • Aventi Group

    Aventi Group executives and consultants act as an extension to our clients’ management teams. Aventi Group offers a range of strategic planning, business development and marketing services. Since 2001 we have successfully helped our clients: launch new products/services, drive more sales through the channel, Identify and capture new market opportunities, and expand revenue with aligned sales/marketing efforts.

  • Big Design

  • BrightIdea Inc.

    BrightIdea Inc. is the global leader in the Innovation Process Management (IPM) software market. The company’s enterprise software is used by over 250 organizations worldwide. In 2005, BrightIdea Inc. launched, the first ever On-Demand IPM service, specifically designed to meet the needs of mid-size organizations and divisions of larger companies. The service offers a comprehensive suite of IPM tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s innovation processes.

  • ExecuteNow

    ExecuteNow provides in depth quantitative research that is rich with market insights. The team specializes in high quality consultation and a hands-on approach throughout the life of every project. ExecuteNow studies are custom, not “black box” solutions. Their boutique style and senior level team enables them to translate research findings into compelling marketing and business insights.

  • Fuel

    Fuel’s front-to-back fieldwork spans the globe. They deliver superior access and an unparalleled experience, using their premiere global network of data experts, facilities, recruiters, translators, and sample providers and leveraging leading-edge technological methodologies and innovations.

  • handl Consulting

    handl Consulting delivers marketing expertise to leading technology companies, from marketing research to marketing planning and execution. We have deep experience providing outstanding technology companies with the insights and plans required to make smart moves that create real success in the marketplace. Our unique methodologies facilitate client work to meet today’s needs while establishing the foundation for ongoing success.

  • Infoco

    Since 1992, Infoco has been providing highest quality market research recruiting and field management to hundreds of clients nationwide. We’re proud to be partners with Clear Works&mdsash;together we create an unbeatable team that offers the best respondents, most reliable findings, and clearest direction in the US. We achieve excellence and maintain relationships through consistency, clear communication, and rock-solid integrity.

  • Instant Insights Lab

    Instant Insights Lab provides fast turnaround, in-person qualitative research as well as small-scale CLTs using their unique, live-intercept recruitment approach which allows for immediate fielding and a geographically diverse sample. This approach to research is ideal for in-person UX research, concept/product development, and design/communication development.

  • KickStart Alliance

    KickStart Alliance helps companies get to the “next level” of marketing and sales expertise. We are a team of marketing and sales executive leaders who architect and execute plans and programs to grow sales pipelines and market share. Our pragmatic, in-the-trenches approach helps our clients focus and prioritize their efforts to achieve success quickly. We offer three practice areas: Positioning, Lead Generation and Sales Readiness.

  • orangefiery

  • Project6 Design

    At Project6 Design we provide complete design services suitable for virtually any communications challenge. Our graphic design and website design capabilities are enhanced with expertise in branding to create strategic marketing solutions. Companies look to us for a variety of projects, from creating their latest annual report or corporate website to establishing a comprehensive visual identity program from the ground up. We provide the framework companies need to tell their unique stories, attract customers, and keep them coming back.

  • Zoe Design Associates

    Zoe Design Associates is a product development firm with offices in San Francisco and Taipei. Zoe delivers industrial design and mechanical engineering services and has worked on a wide range of medical, consumer, information, and communication products for a multinational clientele, including Acer, Motorola, Plantronics, Samsung, and Siemens.