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Top 10 Innovation Infusions: Conduct a Team Visioning Exercise

Our Top Ten Innovation Infusions are fun and effective actions you can use along with your other innovation efforts. Most are quick and easy, some require a little more planning, but all of them are great ways to infuse innovation into your team, whether you are embarking on a larger innovation culture shift or are just getting started.

Help your team dream big!

Visioning exercises are great for getting your team to look to the future, dream big and plan a common goal. We like The Cover Story exercise from the folks at Gamestorming.

You can also do an easy visioning exercise with just a piece of paper and crayons. This one is simple and easy.

  • Supplies & Set-up: A big piece of drawing paper and a pack of crayons per person.
  • Instructions: Ask everyone to draw their vision of what the future will look like at a set point in the future. Focus the vision on something specific (project, company, group, product, etc…). For example, ‘In 5 years, where will our company be in the marketplace?’

People like to use crayons and you often end up with all sorts of creative images and ways of expressing your future. Encourage folks to include quotes, drawings, dates, achievements, how they feel and what they are thinking in this future vision.

After everyone has drawn their vision of the future, go around the room and ask everyone to share their vision.

Here is an example:

Team visioning

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Karie Starrett 

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