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Out of the Box Customer Experience

I have to admit – I am a bit of a customer experience fanatic!  You can regularly hear my children saying, “Mom – maybe you should just run this place and then you will get the experience that you want!”.

One company that consistently delivers on my expectation of great customer experience is Blue Apron.  You know – the company that solves my daily pain of trying to figure out what’s for dinner while still being able to cook healthy, well-balanced meals.

The website is simple and designed to help me easily find what my options are for the week, and also easily skip if I decide that nothing on the menu will satisfy my hungry family.  There isn’t a lot going on, on the website – which I appreciate as it helps minimize the time I spend looking for what I need to do.

Blue Apron Website

My box arrives every Tuesday, always in time for me to cook dinner that evening.

The packaging, both inside and out is beautifully crafted to deliver my meals, cold and un-damaged.   As the person in the family that pays for the service, I am quick to slap anyone’s hand that even goes close to opening the Blue Apron box.  I have to admit that I get great pleasure pulling the recipes out of the box, un-wrapping the insulated foil that keeps everything cool, and slowly pulling out the beautiful ingredients that will go into my meals for the week.  As part of their mission statement, they are committed to setting the highest standards for their ingredients – and they deliver!  (no pun intended)

Even when they get something wrong – last week a container of rice flour had a run in with some potatoes and the potatoes won – the customer experience does not disappoint.  I reached out to them because I thought they would want to know that the packaging for the rice flour should be re-looked at so it doesn’t break in transit when coupled with heavier ingredients.  They quickly apologized that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my recipe, re-credited my account for $17.48, and told me where I should be able to find replacement rice-flour.  Sigh…. and of course, the email came from the “Blue Apron Customer Experience Team”.  I feel like Jay and I are friends… thanks, Jay!

Blue Apron Email

I could go on and on… but you get the point.

I no longer have to ask or answer the question of “what’s for dinner?” and for that I am eternally grateful.  Blue Apron’s focus on customer experience has created an advocate for life.  Thanks Blue Apron!

Karie Starrett

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