Kaiser Permanente’s Patient Focused Exam Room Re-Design

Our team recently completed a project where we learned about a push in the healthcare industry to become more patient-focused. It’s definitely great to see more and more healthcare organizations put a stronger focus on patient experience and human-centered design.

I recently read an article in Fast Company about Kaiser Permanente’s new human-centered, design-driven approach to patient experience. Kaiser redesigned their patient exam rooms with the following question in mind, “How do we create a holistic experience where this organization is showing you [patients] care, compassion, and respect – and giving you all the medical information you need?”, as posed by the Kaiser Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson.

The article outlines the benefits of this new approach for both the patient and for Kaiser Permanente – and a new world view that focuses less on visiting a doctor and more about total health. This is just one example of the trend towards improving the patient experience – a trend I look forward to seeing grow. Because at the end of the day, whether you are designing for a patient or a customer, creating good human experiences benefits everyone.

Click here to check out the article today! 

Sara Dougherty

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