How to Build an Innovation Process: Part 1

One size doesn’t fit all when developing an Innovation Process to help companies fill the funnel with new product and services ideas.  Innovation processes should be designed in a manner that is “right sized” for your business and is actionable; not collecting dust on a shelf or bogging down innovation with steps, meetings, reviews, and layers of bureaucracy.

Businesses should consider creating their own Innovation Process that works with your business, your people, and your desired innovation pace.  Here are some things to think about when considering building your own innovation process.


Develop a process built for your company or organization – takes into consideration your company’s size, culture, resources, and types of products and services

Easy to Follow

Design a process that is “lite” in that it is easy to use with simple steps, tools and templates, allowing the team to move quickly

Clearly Defined

Identify roles, responsibilities and hand-offs across the organization


Gain input, alignment, and ownership from a cross functional team on the process


Standardize and create a repeatable idea to launch process

Remove Roadblocks

Identify any challenges, issues, assumptions that need to be addressed in order for the company to be successful with idea launch

Conducting an Innovation Process Mapping Workshop brings stakeholders from across the organization together to co-create an innovation process that works for your specific work culture and team. Getting alignment in the workshop helps ensure everyone buys in and will follow the process.

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Karie Starrett

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