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6 Steps to Successful Employee Journey Mapping

There are many different approaches to employee journey mapping; however, over the years our team has refined an approach that we like to use, and we have pulled it all together to share with you!

Our Employee Journey Mapping Toolkit is designed to share templates, how-tos, and tips to help you embark on a successful employee journey mapping initiative. It is based on our real-world experiences working with companies on employee experience projects and includes actionable tools to help you hit the ground running on engaging employees.

6 Steps to Successful Journey Mapping
  1. Strategize & Plan – kicking off your employee journey mapping initiative requires up-front strategy and planning
  2. Interview Stakeholders – talking to stakeholders that touch the end-to-end employee journey provides a basic framework and starting point for your map
  3. Host an Internal Mapping Workshop – creating a baseline of the employee journey map gives you an opportunity to validate and test with employee research
  4. Conduct Employee Research – conducting research with employees helps assure that your journey is built from the employee perspective and helps build empathy
  5. Design Your Map – designing your map so that it’s actionable is key the success of your initiative
  6. Design New Experiences – using your map to identify areas of opportunity that you can then ideate around with employees helps design new experiences

Enjoy the toolkit and the experience of journey mapping! We believe that the simple act of collaborating with employees on a journey mapping initiative helps them feel engaged and motivated by building empathy.

Download our toolkit today and reach out to me with questions!






Karie Starrett 

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