Customers are the center of our world.

We’re passionate about launching new products and services and we love helping our customers connect to their customers. Read our story, meet our team and learn more about what we do.

We’ve worked with a lot of different industries, on both business and consumer products. As a result, we learn new technologies and business models quickly and hit the ground running — so you can spend less time educating and we can spend more time on getting work done.

When you work with us you get a senior team of people. Everyone on the Clearworks team has at least 15 years of experience working with both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

Meet the Team

Our Clearworks team is passionate and energetic. We bring that passion and energy to our customers and to our work. We keep the work fun while helping you make serious decisions. We like working with each other and with our customers; and our customers say they like working with us too. We welcome you to meet our team and we’re looking forward to meeting you at some point in the future.

  • Noël Adams

    Clearworks President, Noël Adams, has extensive experience in new product development, product management and product marketing for high…

  • Anne Bakstad

    Anne Bakstad is a product launch expert with over two decades of experience leading Operations, Marketing, and IT…

  • Jennifer Cuthill

    Jennifer Cuthill is a marketing, business strategy and product development veteran. Jennifer specializes in using solid market analysis…

  • Sara Dougherty

    Sara joined Clearworks to pursue her passion for customer insights and innovation. She has experience in conducting digital…

  • Chuck Mallory

    Chuck Mallory has extensive experience in product management, product marketing, new product development and user experience for technology…

  • Karie Starrett

    Karie Starrett has nearly fifteen years of experience in market research, business intelligence, marketing, product management, and professional…

  • Finley

    Finley is a morale and engagement expert with nearly 14 dog years of experience. During the week, he…

  • Reach out to us!

    Whether you’re working on a product currently and would like to get a customized proposal, or just want to meet for a “getting to know you” session over wine, we’d love to chat with you.

    Reach us at or (888) 769-3807, or fill out our contact form.

Why Clearworks

Connecting with customers. Moving business forward.

Product success means more than just great technology and cool ideas. That’s where Clearworks comes in. We help companies listen to their customers and use those insights to build products and services that are relevant and compelling.

Our team does whatever it takes to help you launch new products and services that positively impact your customer’s experience. We facilitate ideation sessions, customer advisory boards and customer research. We conduct cross-functional process mapping and strategy workshops. We create business cases, messaging strategy and go-to-market plans. Throughout everything — we engage the customer.

Our clients like working with us and we like working with them. We’re passionate. We’re smart. We’re able to quickly and easily understand complex products and technologies. We’re creative. We glean rich insights from customers and consistently offer clear and actionable deliverables.