Clearworks offers a range of services to help companies launch new products. Whether you are at the idea generation or product evaluation stage of the product developments process, we can help.


From concept to launch, customer insights and research are the
foundation of our work. Customers are the heart of what we do.


We are passionate about new products. Our backgrounds in product development help us get the challenges you face and what it takes for you to be successful. We do what it takes to help you launch new products from ideation to concept and prototype development to validation and launch.


We love to help teams generate new product ideas using creative tools and games in our custom workshops.  We do internal as well as customer ideation. Check out our ideation work.

Concept Development & Testing

Our creative team of strategists and designers help you bring your ideas and concepts to life using concept development workshops.  In our workshops we help you develop written concepts and sketches for testing.

We do a range of concept testing and research to help you validate new concepts and markets.

Product and Experience Definition

We use customer insights and research in combination with stakeholder interviews and workshops to further define your product and provide more details around the “what”.

As needed we can develop personas that will help the team identify the unique needs of various segments.

Prototype Development and Usability Testing

Our designers can build a range of prototypes including paper models, storyboards, digital prototypes, etc. Our workshops allow us to co-create the prototypes with you.

Using research, we test the viability of prototypes but also usability and user experience.

Product Launch

We help you develop a comprehensive launch and go to market plan that ensures your cross functional team is ready for launch.

We use a process mapping approach to identify the workflow and processes needed to support your product and ensure you have the right infrastructure and resources in place.  During these process mapping sessions we also identify issues, challenges and action items associated with your launch.