Ideation Workshops

We love creating workshops that are:

  • Customized – Customized to your industry, products, and specific innovation challenges
  • Interactive – We use break out and large group exercises to engage the team
  • Engaging We utilize a broad variety of  tools, frameworks and games to inspire creativity and new ideas

Using Customer Insights and Artifact Galleries

We’re big believers in basing ideas, innovation and strategy on customer insights. One of our favorite ways to immerse teams in customer insights is using an artifact gallery. Our design team takes the key findings from customer research as well as artifacts such as customer quotes, photos, videos, etc. and uses those to create a gallery that employees can explore. The artifact gallery includes posters, standing displays, video highlight reels, and other environmental elements. When the research involves developing personas, we can produce a gallery for each persona.  As part of the gallery immersion, we create activities, such as empathy exercises based on design thinking, to help teams engage with the gallery and get in the mindset of the customer.

Once everyone is thinking like a customer we take the team through a series of customized games and exercises to generate new ideas. We often bring our designers into the room during these workshops to bring the ideas to life through concept sketching and prototyping.

Idea Accelerator Testing

After the team completes the ideation session – we can quickly take all of the ideas and output that is created and use our Idea Accelerator to test them overnight with real customers. By 10am the next morning the team has real quantitative data about what is compelling to customers. The data from the Idea Accelerator can be used to inform the decision making on what ideas move on to action planning.

Innovation Campaigns

We develop and facilitate online innovation campaigns designed to either engage your  internal team and/or your customers and target market. Our innovation campaigns are based on our partner platform and they are easy to use, easy to implement, and encourage a high level of engagement from participants.

Customer Co-Creation Sessions

Customer Co-Creation Sessions are designed to gather groups of customers for hands-on interactions.  They include interactive exercises and techniques to engage customers in the co-creation of products, services and experiences. Sessions are typically held in a casual, comfortable setting to facilitate breakouts, encourage creativity, and promote sharing.

Customers are recruited much like they would be for any other research project; however additional screening criteria is applied to screen for heavily creative and/or future-oriented participants to maximize brainstorming potential by using the following types of criteria:

  • Creativity – creativity articulation questions
  • Future focused – always looking for ways to improve their life and job
  • Thought leader among friends – first to try new things, often help friends with advice
  • Contributor – enjoy working with a team to solve problems/challenges

We use our innovation toolkit to develop interactive exercises and breakouts designed specifically for each project.  In past sessions we have worked with customers to create their ideal smart home product, map the optimal support journey, create the desired home away from home hotel experience, and more.

Design Thinking

We love the Design Thinking framework.  We do design thinking workshops, training and research.  We can also help you design sketches, prototypes and other experiments for customer testing.

Clearworks Games

We love using games in our workshops and strategy sessions with our clients. Some of our favorite game resources are Innovation Games, Gamestorming, Stanford , and Doodle Revolution. Inspired by their creativity we have developed a few games of our own.


Superpower is a fun game that has a multiple applications. We like to use it as a creativity warm up for an innovation workshop or as a team building exercise to help teams imagine what they are capable of achieving and overcome challenges.

The Award

Playing The Award with teams is a great visioning exercise. We use it to kick start ideation workshops and get teams thinking about the future of new products, services, solutions and programs. We also like to use it to help teams envision what they want their future to look like and think creatively about what it would take to get there.

Click here to visit the Clearworks Games page to download your copies.

Our Team

We love facilitating workshops of all kinds, including ideation and design thinking..

  • Trained facilitators using creative techniques and games utilizing verbal, written, visual and non-verbal forms of communication
  • Ideation toolkit used to uncover previously unknown market needs; learn what you didn’t know that you didn’t know – the heart of true innovation
  • Experts in moderating and facilitating large cross-functional teams to drive to objectives and actionable results
  • Experts in facilitating team workshops and generating interaction and collaboration
  • Flexible in creating customized workshops that leverage a number of approaches and techniques used by companies around the world in all industries
  • Years of experience successfully working in a virtual environment with clients around the world
  • Successful track-record facilitating innovation sessions in Asia, Europe and North America