We believe that the experience of using a product or service goes beyond the product or service itself. We look at all of the customer touchpoints to help companies put in place the components that make an experience great. We help our customers put their customers at the center of the product or service experience.

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Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping is the process of visually mapping the customer’s interactions across the various touch points of the customer experience. The key to journey mapping is that it not only identifies the interactions but also the emotions the customer is feeling throughout those interactions. One of the most powerful tools in a journey map is the identification of the customer goals and pain points and using those to identify the opportunity areas for action.

Developing Journey Maps

The key to developing a journey map is conducting research with real customers to understand their journey. You can use a variety of research methods to gather the insights on your customers’ journey. We find that one of the most powerful ways to develop a journey map is to co-create the map with real customers.  We do that in a 3-hour interactive hands on workshop.

  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Customer Forums/Workshops
  • Ethnographies/Shopalongs
  • Video Diaries

Your customer journey map looks something like this

We customize the journey map layout, components, and design for each of our projects depending on industry, product, customers, what you will be using the map for internally, etc. You can use your journey map to understand where customers are feeling emotional lows (unsatisfied, disappointed, frustrated, etc.) and strategize around ways to make those experiences a high. Conversely, you can look at the highs and strategize about ways to leverage those highs for loyalty, referrals, etc.

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