Can Design Drive Behavior?


I recently read Nir Eyal’s article “How Technology Tricks you into Tipping More” and was struck by the power of design to drive consumer behavior.  By displaying tipping options in digital payment systems, taxi drivers have earned 38% more in tips. People are given 3 tip options and, according to the research, are most likely …
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A Defense of ‘Product’ in the Age of ‘Experience’

Two people working together

‘Design thinking’ has been a trending topic of conversation in business circles of late including here at Clearworks. While we are certainly proponents it’s also important not to forget first principles and Fast Company recently published a short but compelling defense of ‘product thinking.’ In effect, the core experience of a product is the problem …
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IBM and Design Thinking

3 robots wide

Fast Company hosted a huge Innovation Festival this past November in NYC and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate. It was a five day event that included site visits to innovative companies all over NYC. One of my favorite site visits was the Design Camp session at IBM. The session was …
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Do You Need a Lightning Bolt or Just Some Good Brainstorming?

brainstorm cropped

Many companies sit around waiting for the lightning bolt to strike to give them the next “big idea”.  I recently read this article called Where Ideas Come From on Fast Company by the inventor of the Narrative Clip.  His story didn’t start with the lightning bolt.  All he knew going in, is that he wanted …
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