Running a Customer Advisory Board? Avoid these 3 common pitfalls.

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Setting up a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) can be a powerful way to get ongoing feedback from your customers.  As facilitators, we’ve set-up and moderated quite a few CAB meetings, and over time we have seen there are three common pitfalls that can derail companies from their CAB goals, while also frustrating the customers. Common …
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Focusing on User Needs to Drive Innovation

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There is no question that Google has brought us some great products – from Google Maps to You Tube and Chrome.  They also continue to try to solve some very challenging technical problems – a computer platform on a pair of glasses and self-driving cars to name a few.  For many reasons, these new technologies …
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Using Non-Traditional Insights to Drive Product Design


At Clearworks we continually keep up with new and different research techniques that go beyond focus groups and other traditional methods, to help companies immerse themselves in their customer’s world.  I recently saw an article that highlighted some of these research techniques such as ethnographic research, digital diaries, customer co-creation etc. We are big believers …
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A Guide to Gen Z


Here at Clearworks we’ve done a lot of research on various generations, especially Millennials.  But as the mom of two teenagers I have long been fascinated with Gen Z, those that are now between 5 and 20 years old.  While we have studied this group as part of our work for clients, we also follow …
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Can Design Drive Behavior?


I recently read Nir Eyal’s article “How Technology Tricks you into Tipping More” and was struck by the power of design to drive consumer behavior.  By displaying tipping options in digital payment systems, taxi drivers have earned 38% more in tips. People are given 3 tip options and, according to the research, are most likely …
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Using Customer Journey Mapping to Understand Gaps in the Market

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We love to see the tremendous impact mapping a customer experience, or journey, can have on a company’s understanding of customers – both existing customers already using their products/services and potential customers who may have some pain points that company can fill. Mini Case Study:  One of our clients, an online real estate company, wanted …
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Doing a Package Redesign? Start with Customer Research


Customer research is the cornerstone of any successful product launch. Because your packaging is often the first thing a potential customer sees, package design is one area that can benefit from feedback directly from your target customers. Reflecting on the Role of Research in Package Design I recently wrapped up a research project in which …
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Is Live Recruiting Right for Your Next Research Project?

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Recruiting can make or break your market research study.  Recruit the wrong people and the quality of your findings will suffer.  For each research project you undertake, what defines the “right” person will vary significantly, as can the best recruiting strategy for finding them. At Clearworks, we consider ourselves fortunate to have some of the …
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Ad Testing Reveals Power of Celebrity in Unlikely Space

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Because we seem to be inundated with ‘celebrity’ images, news and reality tv it is easy to assume that many prospective buyers are tuned out or turned off by the traditional celebrity spokesperson approach to advertising. Many of us believe this to be especially true for buyers in certain categories like technology products or office …
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