Why Your Definition of Customer Experience is Probably Outdated


A January 2017 report from Harvard Business Review Analytics Services (link below) reveals that global business leaders increasingly view social media as a foundational enabler of customer experience. While you’ll likely not be surprised that 86% of business leaders agree that customer experience is vital for success, only 34% of companies feel they have the …
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Is Walmart About to Help Make the Smarthome Mainstream?


The recent launch of Apple’s HomeKit app as part of iOS10 and the success of Amazon’s Echo has put the news spotlight back on the smarthome. Perhaps the entrance of a new giant – Walmart – can accelerate adoption of smarthome technologies which have been the perennial “next big thing.” Walmart intends to play the …
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A Defense of ‘Product’ in the Age of ‘Experience’

Two people working together

‘Design thinking’ has been a trending topic of conversation in business circles of late including here at Clearworks. While we are certainly proponents it’s also important not to forget first principles and Fast Company recently published a short but compelling defense of ‘product thinking.’ In effect, the core experience of a product is the problem …
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Ad Testing Reveals Power of Celebrity in Unlikely Space

adult looking through telescope wide

Because we seem to be inundated with ‘celebrity’ images, news and reality tv it is easy to assume that many prospective buyers are tuned out or turned off by the traditional celebrity spokesperson approach to advertising. Many of us believe this to be especially true for buyers in certain categories like technology products or office …
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