NOT another airline horror story


With all the focus recently on poor (even outrageous!) airline customer service, I wanted to highlight one airline that appears to be getting it right.  Norwegian Air is a relatively new player, but is getting some significant attention.  Norwegian was named one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Travel for 2017, the only airline …
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Running a Customer Advisory Board? Avoid these 3 common pitfalls.

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Setting up a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) can be a powerful way to get ongoing feedback from your customers.  As facilitators, we’ve set-up and moderated quite a few CAB meetings, and over time we have seen there are three common pitfalls that can derail companies from their CAB goals, while also frustrating the customers. Common …
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A Guide to Gen Z


Here at Clearworks we’ve done a lot of research on various generations, especially Millennials.  But as the mom of two teenagers I have long been fascinated with Gen Z, those that are now between 5 and 20 years old.  While we have studied this group as part of our work for clients, we also follow …
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Setting Up a Quick-Turn Innovation Team – Part 2


Part 2: Training, Tools and Support  In the first blog post of this series we covered some basic things to consider when putting together a quick-turn innovation team to address a specific challenge. After you select your team, provide that team with training and tools and ensure they have the support they need to be …
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Setting Up a Quick Turn Innovation Team – Part 1


Part 1: Picking the Right People We love the innovation strategy work that we do and are big proponents of helping companies incorporate innovation into every part of the organization, so that everyone considers it part of their job AND has the tools and training needed to innovate. But there are times when there is …
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Using Customer Journey Mapping to Understand Gaps in the Market

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We love to see the tremendous impact mapping a customer experience, or journey, can have on a company’s understanding of customers – both existing customers already using their products/services and potential customers who may have some pain points that company can fill. Mini Case Study:  One of our clients, an online real estate company, wanted …
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When it Comes to Customer Service, Think Big and Broad

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Everyone seems to be talking customer experience these days, and lots of companies try to improve their customer’s experience by implementing incremental changes in the customer service organization.  But after years of working in and with customer support organizations, I have seen that incremental often doesn’t cut it.  A tweaked script really isn’t going to …
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Business Meets Humor

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Want to laugh, a lot? Think about attending the FunnyBizz 2016 Conference in San Francisco, coming up June 9. I attended the 2015 conference and have never laughed so hard during a day of “work” before! And although the presenters were very entertaining (several are comics), they shared great ideas that many of us took …
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Happy Agents = Happy Customers

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We all know that customer support plays a big role in the overall customer experience, when it comes to your products and services.   Many companies try “a little bit of this”, and “a little bit of that”, to improve the customer support experience… like lowering the average hold times or making agent scripting more friendly.  …
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