Focusing on User Needs to Drive Innovation

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There is no question that Google has brought us some great products – from Google Maps to You Tube and Chrome.  They also continue to try to solve some very challenging technical problems – a computer platform on a pair of glasses and self-driving cars to name a few.  For many reasons, these new technologies …
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Using Non-Traditional Insights to Drive Product Design


At Clearworks we continually keep up with new and different research techniques that go beyond focus groups and other traditional methods, to help companies immerse themselves in their customer’s world.  I recently saw an article that highlighted some of these research techniques such as ethnographic research, digital diaries, customer co-creation etc. We are big believers …
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A Guide to Gen Z


Here at Clearworks we’ve done a lot of research on various generations, especially Millennials.  But as the mom of two teenagers I have long been fascinated with Gen Z, those that are now between 5 and 20 years old.  While we have studied this group as part of our work for clients, we also follow …
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Is Walmart About to Help Make the Smarthome Mainstream?


The recent launch of Apple’s HomeKit app as part of iOS10 and the success of Amazon’s Echo has put the news spotlight back on the smarthome. Perhaps the entrance of a new giant – Walmart – can accelerate adoption of smarthome technologies which have been the perennial “next big thing.” Walmart intends to play the …
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Can Design Drive Behavior?


I recently read Nir Eyal’s article “How Technology Tricks you into Tipping More” and was struck by the power of design to drive consumer behavior.  By displaying tipping options in digital payment systems, taxi drivers have earned 38% more in tips. People are given 3 tip options and, according to the research, are most likely …
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Setting Up a Quick-Turn Innovation Team – Part 2


Part 2: Training, Tools and Support  In the first blog post of this series we covered some basic things to consider when putting together a quick-turn innovation team to address a specific challenge. After you select your team, provide that team with training and tools and ensure they have the support they need to be …
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Setting Up a Quick Turn Innovation Team – Part 1


Part 1: Picking the Right People We love the innovation strategy work that we do and are big proponents of helping companies incorporate innovation into every part of the organization, so that everyone considers it part of their job AND has the tools and training needed to innovate. But there are times when there is …
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Using Customer Journey Mapping to Understand Gaps in the Market

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We love to see the tremendous impact mapping a customer experience, or journey, can have on a company’s understanding of customers – both existing customers already using their products/services and potential customers who may have some pain points that company can fill. Mini Case Study:  One of our clients, an online real estate company, wanted …
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Top 10 Innovation Infusions: Conduct a Team Visioning Exercise

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Our Top Ten Innovation Infusions are fun and effective actions you can use along with your other innovation efforts. Most are quick and easy, some require a little more planning, but all of them are great ways to infuse innovation into your team, whether you are embarking on a larger innovation culture shift or are …
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